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Our service range includes all kinds of castings whether they be jewellery, fashion jewellery, technical parts, accessories, advertising or arts materials etc.

Large batches
We work with the latest technology, and as a result large batches of items in various alloys can be cast in a single day.
Our 45 years of experience in casting guarantees the very best quality.

Every day we cast gold, silver, platinum, brass, bronze and copper.
It is of little consequence whether the customer orders in ones or in quantities, we are happy about every order we receive.

"With stone" casting
We would particularly like to stress our experience in the area of “with stone” casting, that is part of our daily business.
Here we can offer two different methods.
Either the stones can be placed in the rubber mould prior to wax injection or an alternative method involves setting the stones in the ready wax.

Own wax patterns
We are of course also happy to cast items with stones where the customer either sends us the wax patterns or carving waxes.
Often the waxes are delivered with diamonds, zirconia’s, garnets and rubies preset.

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